Acrylic Photo Frames

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Splendid Print Quality

Our Variable dot technology and high DPI print method combined with 7-colour pigment based inks, outputs a sharpest print possible, without colour banding, missing dots, or any streaks to mention a few.

However, it’s also required by the user to provide high quality photo to get the full value out of our Acrylic Photo Frames.

Note: Social media sites (E.g. WhatsApp) compresses the original image, by removing valuable raw meta data, please upload direct from phone or camera file.

Acrylic Photo Frames Quality
Acrylic Photo Frames Colours

Vivid Colour Gamut

Our Specialised Custom Colour Profiling and Piezoelectric Technology, Output’s A Full Range of Vivid Subset of Colours Which Will Accurately Represent the True Colours in The Photo Uploaded, resulting in a nothing less than the best Acrylic Photo Frames.

High Quality Acrylic

We use imported “A” Grade Acrylic Material, which is free from general impurities and other debris, and has a superior glass like optical clarity, which combined with our print tech, outputs an eye-catching and long lasting memory on your wall.

Easy to Install

Our Acrylic Photo Frames are provided with 3M mounting sticker squares, which sticks stronger and stays longer compared to regular foam stickers.

To install our Acrylic Photo Frames, its only takes a few steps, peel the 3M sticker protection, align and mount to the wall.

Acrylic Photo Frames Installation


What should I do, if my acrylic photo frame gets dirt or dusty?

Wipe away any dust with damp wash cloth.

Does the print peel off?

No, the print will not peel off.

Does the print fade away?

Print is 100% fade resistant. No it won’t fade.

Will it break?

Acrylic is stronger and lighter than glass, bending and general knocks and falls, wont damage the product.

How to Remount on Wall?

Just remove the old 3M stickers and replace with new ones and mount on the wall.

Will it damage when Remounting?

No, as long as a little care is taken when pulling the frame off the wall, it can be remounted as stated above.

What care should be taken when mounting?

Clean the wall surface with dry cloth to clear any dust and double check alignment before mounting on the wall.