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200+ Free Design Templates Buy Prescription Pads Online at low price. Choose and customize from our extremely impressive design templates or upload your own print-ready file design.

Prescription Pads Printing in Multi-Color Print Prescription Pads in full color, with best premium print quality at very low price. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Quantity A5
70 Gsm
90 Gsm
70 Gsm
90 Gsm
5 Pads 650 700 1350 1400
10 Pads 1250 1350 2650 2750
15 Pads 1850 2000 3950 4100
20 Pads 2400 2600 5200 5400
30 Pads 3400 3700 7600 7800
50 Pads 5500 6000 12500 13000

What You Get

  • Design & Quality Check – Manually
  • Paper Quality: 90 GSM
  • Paper Quality: 70 GSM
  • Size: A5 (Small) & A4 (Large)
  • Multi-Color Printing
  • Free shipping all over India
  • 50 Sheets per pad and 100 sheets per pad

Prescription Pads Type

A4 Prescription Pad

A5 Prescription Pad

Each Prescription Pads Contains

A4 Paper

  • Each Pad contains 50 Papers or 100 Papers
  • 90/70 GSM Premium Paper

A5 Paper

  • Each Pad contains 50 Papers or 100 Papers
  • 90/70 GSM Premium Paper

Prescription Pads After Finishing

Prescription Pads

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We continuously strive hard to achieve your satisfaction as Our Top Priority

Prescription Pads Printing
Superior Print Quality

High quality resolution imaging, quality paper with multi-color printing.

Prescription Pads Online
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Order printing, packing, and handing over to courier in 2-3 business days.

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Doctors Medical Prescription Pads Online

No matter what profession you are in, your professionalism plays a significant role in getting trust from the people. As a doctor, you must have your own equipment and your own doctor’s Prescription Pads as well to build your brand identity. This prescription form gives you a unique identity in this competitive world with your name, hospital name, and qualification.

What Is the Meaning of Prescription?

The word "Prescription" is derived from the combination of two words "Pre-before" and "Script-writing". Means an instruction written by a doctor that gives permission to a patient to be issued with medicines. So, a professionally designed and well-printed Doctor Prescription Pads can be a needed catalyst in expanding your reach and enhancing your reputation by improving the professionalism of your activities.

Medical Prescription Pads

A Physician Prescription Pad is a bound set of papers on which the details regarding the name, address and contact numbers of the medical institutions and practitioners are printed to enable them to write their prescriptions of medicines and laboratory tests for their patients and consultants. It amply helps in marketing your medical services even by the very minimum contact with your potential customers.

These Prescription Pads (Rx Pads) carry a certain amount of legal weightage as they direct the pharmacist to sell the prescribed medicines which can lead to drug abuse if used unscrupulously. So there must be particular attention devoted to providing secure and safe designs of prescription pads which are hard to be replicated by any 3rd party.

Best features of our custom prescription pads printing

  • Multicolor prescription pads
  • 200+ prescription pad design formats
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We print your medical prescription pads exactly the way you want.
  • Free shipping across India
  • Easy & secure payment (Online)

Order Doctor Prescription Pad Formats Printing Online @

Designing your own doctor prescription format is very simple with our easy- to- design process. First, select the option either "Use Our Designs" or "Upload Your Designs" in the Prescription Pads Home Page. Select the pre designed Doctor Prescription Format from the available 200+ design templates or you can also upload your print ready file format. Add your Medical Prescription Format according to your requirement and customize the template with your details. You can add more info by using tools like text, shape, images. After completion of the designing process click on finish design and then approve the design. If you are satisfied with the design then complete the billing process through Easy & secure payment process. And if you aren’t not satisfied with the prescription pads design then you can contact our customer support team through phone 0866 677 6777 (9AM to 7PM) or E-mail :